Welcome to the World of e-Commerce

Are you giving your customers the convenience and flexibility of ordering online? As data costs decrease and mobile penetration increases, buyers are rapidly switching to online ordering platforms, which are accessible from anywhere, anytime, from any device. Whether you sell to other businesses or direct to consumers, you risk losing significant revenue if you’re not meeting your customers' online expectations.

Saleslogic is a cloud-based B2C and B2B e-Commerce and mobile digital ordering platform that helps you streamline sales processes, grow market share and stay ahead of the competition. It gives your customers a secure and reliable self-service platform to browse catalogues, place orders, view account information, and much more. Each solution is customised and can be used as a standalone product or an integrated suite to meet your individual business needs.

B2B | Engaging Trade Effectively

Multiple Pricing Tiers

Customers see the price agreed based on the contract level they are assigned to.

Marketing & Mail-outs

Customise newsletters and campaigns and track click-through activity.

Order Prediction

Allowing a customer to track their most ordered items.

Seamless Re-ordering

Facilitating quick re-ordering from previous completed checkouts.

Custom Cart Upload

Import via excel using data from your point of sale / inventory system to quickly fill your cart.

Advanced Sales Reporting

Multiple filtering criteria allows reporting via any known data to facilitate effective business decision making.

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B2C | Expand your consumer reach

Digital Catalogues 

Showcase your products with high-definition photos and videos.

Product Filtering & Search

Enable customers to browse product categories or use quick search functionality.

Mobile Friendly

A responsive website that looks great on any mobile or desktop device. 

Secure Checkout & Payment

Enable secure checkout and payment processing to give customers peace of mind.

Multiple Shipping Options

Enhanced shipping functionality allows for a multitude of rules to be created, ensuring the correct shipping price is always calculated.

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FIELD SALES REP | Digitise your Sales Force

Digital Ordering

Enables quick and accurate order taking from any device during customer visits.

Customer Pricing

Complex pricing can be managed seemlessly. 

Remote Check-In

Monitor sales teams with the field sales app that enables synchronised check-in functionality.   

Appointment Management

Easily schedule appointments for reps and synchronise their calendars to track customer engagements.

Digital Product Catalogue

Enhance marketing efforts with high-quality product images and descriptions on any device. 

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Our ProcesS

This step in your business journey and evolution is a big one and for many it can be daunting.  We pride ourselves on having a tried and tested milestone based project methodology which seamlessly brings your business into the digital sales era.


Our skilled team will gather all the required information about your business in order to begin the site build, including all technical aspects of getting the site fully published to your customers.


A complete project plan will be presented including a timeline to track progress. All matters pertaining to the process will be explained in detail, our team will work side by side with you until completion.


Our design and development masterminds will begin creating your site, incorporating product, payment, shipping, pricing, imagery and all matters technical to ensure your site looks and functions top class.


Once the site has been tested and all milestones have been achieved, the site will be ready for live commissioning and launched at your request.

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